Teenage Mutant Nigga Thugs or TMNT vicsiously attack a pizza delivery driver for his money and car. Leaves Victim unemployed and in medical bill debt. On October 20, 2017, at approximately 11:00 pm, the victim, a 56 year-old-male, was delivering pizza to a Lukoil Gas Station located at 5748 Baltimore Avenue. After making his delivery […]
Guns Down appears to be a new organization based in Washington DC… Their social media is weak and they constantly blame and post about the same thing over and over.  They are less an anti-gun lobby and more a bitter ex girlfriend.     Guns Down Facebook (46)
This is the Liberal “Down with the cause” Judge who let Dwayne Chaney Walk away from a murder case with a signature bond on an Ankle monitor. You have a 4 for 1 with this one people. Thug, Illegal Hand Gun, History of thug activity, and a liberal “we aren’t going to arrest our way […]
Boy did Lemonade Inc miss their mark on this #gunbait post. I think they wanted to stick it to the white, old, fat, gun loving Trump supporters. They missed their mark and only succeeded in making themselves look foolish and ignorant on both firearms and the laws surrounding them. (229)
The new 2.0 version of the Shield is expected to debut next week with an MSRP of 500 dollars. New features look to mirror the 45 ACP model with an aggressive texturing, front short serration along with a upgraded trigger feel and reset. Crimson Trace seamless fit red laser with an expected MSRP of $100 […]
In this comedy skit from The Man Show Uncle Jimmy asked women as young as 18 to feel his crotch for an object and tell him what it was. He forgets his roots of being a womanizing POS, now he wants to preach to the latch key kids about how guns are bad. We need […]
16 year old Alfred Burns with less than 2 decades on this earth is already down with the cause of destruction in the bronx community. Stealing the things people work hard for and wasting city resource while putting nothing back in the pot. Oddly enough this young punk some how leaves as the victim after […]
Before you read the official news story, understand these machines purpose in the Destructive Environment is clear; DESTROY EVERYTHING AND EVERYONE. This “woman” is the mother to of one of these Teenage Mutant Fighting Machines or TMFM in the video here. She has been capture, if the sea of eye witnesses and viral video wasn’t […]
Looks like we finally have some answers based on some screen shots of the crime scene photos leaked. The killer had 20 plus weapons in the room, but these two were leaked. Daniel Defense with a scope Possible Sig Sauer AR-15 based rifle with a surefire magazine extended magazine and Eotech optic using a bump […]