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“The Guys” Bully LGBT Student Abel Cedeno And He Strikes Back In Bronx Public School


NEW YORK — The student accused of stabbing a classmate to death and seriously injuring another during history class at a Bronx high school had been picked on since the school year started, fellow students and police said.

But the boys 18-year-old Abel Cedeno is accused of attacking at the Urban Assembly School for Wildlife hadn’t bothered him before, not until Wednesday morning’s third-period history class, when they started tossing broken bits of pencils and paper at his head, authorities said.

Cedeno snapped, they said. He excused himself to go to the bathroom, and came back with a a swichblade. The victims continued throwing pencils, CBS New York reports, and Cedeno allegedly started fighting and slashing at them, police said.

Fifteen-year-old Mathew McCree was killed and a 16-year-old was seriously wounded. CBS New York reports the injured 16-year-old had tried to intervene.

Security is ramped up after a month of LGBT Bullying in a “Bronx Zoo” Known as Urban Assembly School For Wildlife.
Armed police and metal detectors at check points in and around the school for the Destructive community youth is a necessity these days.

Check out the video above for details missed by the news media and stop back for updates on The Bronx Neighborhood in an upcoming DER or Destructive Environment Report.



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