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Trump to Kill DACA

Trump to Kill DACA


DACA (Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals) was a late addition from the Obama administration in June of 2012. This policy provided for underage immigrants who were brought into the country illegally to have “leniency” from the government for up to 2 years after first discovery. This fine print of this legislation protected individuals from deportation and extended the eligibility of a work permit. The premise of this policy is reported to have been implemented related to students who were raised in this country and remain “low-risk” individuals in the eyes of Immigration services. It was estimated that 1.7 million illegal immigrants could be eligible for this policy. Currently nearly 750,000 applications to this policy have been accepted.

Trump in month 8 of his first year finalized the decision to end the program with help from Attorney General Jeff Sessions. President Trump is reportedly giving a 6 month delay to the ending of this policy. It is expected that Trump will officially make a statement of his decision on Tuesday.

Both sides of the political party lines are unsure as to how Trump plans on handling the nearly 1 million individuals who will directly lose deferment from the death of this bill. It is speculated that Trump may come back proposing a new policy voicing input from Congress to find a long term solution  about this looming problem.


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