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Sig Sauer P320 “The Fix”


Sig Sauer Starts the voluntary fix for the P320’s #dropgate problem. Thanks to Truth About Guns we have details and photos of what this fix will be.


First off these issues were already discovered by Sig Sauer and for some reason they didn’t feel the need to announce or push a recall. We know this because the US contracted version the M17(x) already featured these modifications.

The trigger is desert tan which makes sense because Sig Stated they were planning on a fix down the line and not right now. The over all mass of the trigger was dropped 34%, the design of the trigger is hollowed out, and we also believe this trigger has a lot less sloppy tolerances than the original retail trigger. A trigger disconnect safety was added to halt operation of the trigger bar when out of battery (seen to the right of the rear slide rail).


The striker and sear housing parts were altered as well, removing 25% from striker and 37% from the sear.


We will see what Sig has to offer for us mere civilian P320 owners after a week of online harassment and being meme’d to death.



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